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Posted on March 3, 2021 Written by maui 3956 Pohakuloa Rd, Papohaku Ranchlands - Main Entrance

Papohaku Beach is considered Molokai’s widest sandy beach. Tourists and locals are smitten by the vastness, openness, and tranquility of this body of water. If a piece of nature is what you want, then Papohaku will never disappoint. Aside from its clean and bluish-green waters, you can also enjoy walking on the seemingly endless flat blanket of enchanting white sand that stretches over a mile. 

If you want to enjoy anything else before heading to the sea, you can also go on frolicking through the parched Kaiaka grasslands as you go down the trail leading to the beach. These are just two of the most breathtaking things Papohaku and Molokai have to offer. 

Imagine spending every waking day of your life with these calm, beautiful, and beyond amazing gifts of nature as your backdrop. If we hear a yes, then we have the right property for you — a posh custom home located at 3956 Pohakuloa Rd, Papohaku Ranchlands.

Simple Yet Luxurious Living Within Nature

With 5.3 acres of land area and 1,802 interior area, this Papohaku Ranchland property is a dream come true for large families looking for a second home, couples seeking a relaxing and near-to-nature retirement home, or just anyone who would love to experience more of the great outdoors. Currently listed at $918,000, this property has two bedrooms and two baths. 

This property is a steal at its current price tag because aside from the massive land area, renters or buyers can also enjoy a fully-finished oversized garage that comes with a 240 sq. ft. extra room, a secret boat/RV parking space, fully-landscaped ground with an in-built weed blocking and water drip systems, and a 240 sq. ft. tool or garden shed. Not only that, but the original owners also installed a unique outdoor shower system that’s perfect when you want to wash up after taking a dip in any of the nearby resorts and beaches. 

If the exterior left you in awe, you would be more amazed at what they did with the interior. The owners also made sure that the whole living space is sufficiently tiled with the use of hand-scraped original hardwood flooring. They went all out with the details as they opt for custom tiling for the bathrooms and laundry area. And who wouldn’t fall in love with the massive travertine flooring that they set up for the kitchen and front entry? The kitchen detailing is also to die for as the owners used 52 huge copper tiles for the vent hood and kitchen sink. 

They also set up a pantry that’s enclosed with a barn door for that perfect ranchland touch. You and your family can also bond in the 144 sq. ft. enclosed cedar lanai. When you’re all famished, and you want to grill your favorite seafood, then you can head over to the custom cooking bay and cook to your heart’s content. 

If you’re into gardening or growing fruit trees, you can spend more time maximizing what your green thumb can do in the massive backyard of this property. And if you want to take a rest in the middle of planting greens, you can simply rest in the open shed that’s also positioned near the vast backyard. 

Since this property has been built by the original owners in 2015, they have spent enormous time and effort to maintain and keep the property in sterling condition — more than enough to wow renters or new owners. You can say that this property is well-thought-of simply because the owners perfectly chose the mountain and ocean as the views overlooking the property. You can even go Humpback whale watching at the comforts of your home, specifically from your back deck. 

You won’t also miss much of the comforts you’re accustomed to since the property, and the entire subdivision is fully equipped with underground utilities, protective CCRs, and fiber internet connection. The paved streets will also make traveling to and from your home easy.

Top 3 Things You Can Enjoy in Maunaloa

Though Papohaku Ranchland property offers a wide array of activities and amenities you can enjoy doing with your loved ones, your Maunaloa experience won’t be complete without exploring what the downtown and nearby areas have to offer. Check these activities and attractions out. 

1. Enjoy the coffee from the Kona Coffee Belt 

Who doesn’t want a cup of coffee, right? Or the aroma of freshly brewed coffee beans?  Whether you’re an avid coffee drinker or not, when you’re in Maunaloa, take the chance to taste their coffee and visit their coffee farmlands. The Southern part of Kona is known as the coffee region that’s home to over a hundred coffee farms. These farmlands are open for the public, so you can book a tour with agencies like Kona Joe Coffee or Greenwell Farms. These tours will send you to farms that 100% authentic Kona coffee beans that are grown on trellises. 

2. Take a walk or dip on the pristine beaches 

Your stay in Hawaii and Maunaloa wouldn’t come in a full circle unless you get to surf or swim in its awe-inspiring beaches. Aside from Papohaku Beach, you can also head out to 

Kepuhi Beach, Kawakiu Beach, and Kaupoa Beach. All these beaches were rated 4 or 5 by Tripadvisor for their serenity, unparalleled beauty, and amazing water activities you can do here. Tourists said that the beaches here have clear blue waters and calm waves during summer. If you’re planning to surf, keep off the water during winter as the waves can be dangerous at that time. Most of these beaches are not open for everyone, so you need to cross through the rocks and walk a bit longer to get a stunning view of these majestic bodies of water. But hey, the view and the vibe make going the extra mile so worth it. 

3. Explore Maunaloa’s soaring sea cliffs

The closest most people get to see these sea cliffs are on their Instagram feeds or on their desktop computers as wallpaper. But when you’re in Maunaloa, you have the chance to get up close and personal with these dramatic cliffs. You can book a 60-minute helicopter tour to get a perfect bird’s eye view of these magnificent creations of nature. If not, you can also get on a boat and sail through the water to take photos as mementos of this one-of-a-kind encounter. With sand on your feet and sea air touching your face, you can gaze and marvel at these 3,900 feet cliffs. 

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