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Posted on March 3, 2021 Written by maui Unit B33, Napili Point - Living Room

As one of our planet’s lifeblood, the ocean drives the weather, regulates the temperature, and ultimately supports all living organisms. It has become a vital source of growth, sustenance, commerce, transport, and inspiration over the years. While this vast body of water covers about 71 percent of the Earth’s surface, more than 80 percent is still unmapped. However, some of the explored areas were found to be rich in marine life.

From ocean plants, corals, fishes, and other sea creatures, exploring a marine ecosystem is truly a breathtaking experience. Hence, it’s not surprising that many people travel thousands of miles to scuba diving and snorkeling destinations like Hawaii. But wouldn’t it be better if you could live near a great snorkeling spot and explore the sea any time you desire? You might want to pack your bags because we’ve got an available real estate property near a coastline perfect for snorkeling.   

Highly Coveted Property Near a Fantastic Snorkeling Location

The fabled Hawaii sunset, ocean and island views, and majestic sea creatures await you in one of West Maui’s highly coveted real estate. This property is part of the oceanfront condominium community called Napili Point, located at 5295 Lower Honoapiilani Road, Lahaina. It’s a private area consisting of 115 units in ten 1-story, 2-story, and 3-story buildings situated on 3.39 acres of land. Although the condominium community was completed in 1978, the property is updated and features a contemporary Maui style.

Napili Point Unit B33 is nestled on the first floor of the condominium at the southern portion of the oceanfront community. With 1.92 acres of land area and 718 square feet of interior space, this condo is listed for a price of $742,000. Unit B33 has one bedroom and one bathroom, which is perfect for singles or a small family. Just imagine yourself relaxing in this tropical paradise alone or with a special someone.

Like all the other units in this condominium community, B33 has a full-size kitchen and a living room. Both areas are separated by a breakfast bar to create a spacious feel. The living room opens onto the lanai and sunny yard via a sliding glass door. So, whenever you get bored making your own meal or enjoying a show on your TV, step outside and have some outdoor fun. Napili Point Resort offers its residents several amenities, including two ocean-side complex pools and manicured lawn with BBQ and picnic areas.

However, the main highlight of this oceanfront condominium unit isn’t the amenities or the well-designed space. The real value of the property comes from its amazing location. As you step out of your home, the first thing you’ll see is the mesmerizing horizon, the crystal waters, and a view of twin islands. But the best thing about this condo is that you’ll be living close to Hawaii’s majestic sea creatures. Right out front of your unit is the secluded ocean pools ideal for snorkeling. It’s one of the world’s finest coastlines, where turtle sightings are guaranteed.

If you want more of West Maui’s best turtle encounters, the Honokeana Cove is only a short walk from your home. North around the point is the Gazebo restaurant, followed by the world-famous Napili Bay Beach. There are also spas, fine dining, tennis, and a world-class golf course nearby, so you won’t run out of things to do. It’s truly hard to beat Napili Point’s location.

Top 5 Snorkeling Spots on the Island

Sure, you will have a fantastic snorkeling spot right in front of your property if you buy Napili Point Unit B33. But a true lover of the sea won’t pass up the opportunity to explore more of Maui’s marine ecosystem. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert snorkeler, here are five other top spots to witness the enchanting underwater life on the island.

1. Honolua Bay

A 10-minute drive up north from Napili is the Honolua Bay. It’s a great spot for snorkeling, scuba diving, and even surfing. The best time to visit this area is during the summer where the waves are calm. It’s a perfect place to see plenty of corals, fishes, and turtles, as long as you’re willing to swim a bit far from the beach. If you’re in it for the waves and swells, head up to Honolua Bay during the winter months.

2. Kapalua Bay

If you’re a beginner at snorkeling, you might want to visit Kapalua Bay. It’s located in the northwestern part of the island, which is only a five-minute drive from your home. The small bay is protected from waves, making it safe and easy if it’s your first time. You’ll definitely love Kapalua for its crystal clear waters and the reef teeming with life.

3. Black Rock Beach

Do you want to travel a bit further away from your home? The Black Rock at the north end of Kaanapali Beach is another great spot for snorkelers of all levels. But try to stay attentive to where you’re swimming since this beach is also popular for cliff divers. It’s easy to spot sea creatures in the shallow waters right off the shore. If you’re an expert swimmer, you can snorkel along the rocks since there’s more to experience there as the water gets deeper.

4. Makena Beach

Although you can encounter turtles almost every time you swim anywhere around the island, Makena Beach has plenty of these sea creatures year-round. It might be too far from your place since it’s down south, but you should definitely check this spot. You’ll even find some cool and unique lava formations below as you explore the marine ecosystem.

5. Molokini Crater

This sunken volcanic crater might not be a part of the island anymore, but it’s only a few miles from the south coast of Maui. It’s a popular snorkeling spot due to its high visibility and the abundance of ocean life. Some touring companies might even take you to the islet’s back wall where there’s a deep drop-off. Here, you’ll see massive sea creatures like whale sharks and manta rays.

Live Close to Your Deam Ocean Life in Maui 

Do you want to explore the exciting ocean life any time you wish without lugging all your gear for thousands of miles? Consider moving to this oceanfront Maui property to live closer to your dream. Contact our real estate team today to catch this condominium unit in this highly coveted location.